FREDDY  – PAC 12 Pitcher

From my first session with Kelby up until now, I have achieved several baseball-specific goals but none more important than gaining over 10 mph on my fastball. My squat has almost tripled, and my number of pull-ups has gone from two to eleven.  Kelby is also helping me chase my dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. More importantly, Kelby has not only increased my numbers, but also helped me become a healthy, flexible, complete athlete.


ROBERT – Ivy League Quarterback

I worked with Kelby for 8 weeks leading to my freshman year of college in preparation for meeting the standards of the next level both physically and athletically. I saw a drastic increase in my on the field performance as well as strength and size across my whole body during this short time.  Kelby’s training methodology provided a great balance in strength while maintaining a demanding intensity that built up ideal overall fitness and throwing specific performance. My deep ball traveled 4 yards further, my body weight went up 12.5 pounds, my vertical jump went up 2 inches and my total body strength improved dramatically.  The end result of working with Kelby far exceeded the goals I had set for myself.

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